Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance

Children can be cruel and it is not uncommon for grade school students to come home in tears after someone called them a name on the bus ride home. Verbal and social bullying are the two most common types, including things like name-calling, teasing, spreading rumors, stealing belongings, sexual comments and gestures, or physical violence. Physical bullying happens less often than social bullying and cyberbullying, though it is becoming increasingly prevalent, is still less common. While many people assume that a little bit of bullying is harmless — it may even be helpful for the child to teach them how to stick up for themselves.

Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance

But in his more careful moments, he properly insists that teacher quality is not the most important factor determining student success; it is the most important in-school factor. But the single biggest ingredient is the parent. Decades of social science research have demonstrated that differences in the quality of schools can explain about one-third of the variation in student achievement.

But the other two-thirds is attributable to non-school factors. President Obama put it this way: And the community can help the parents. Listen, I love basketball. But the smartest kid in the school…should be getting as much attention as the basketball star.

And on average, disadvantaged children who have high-quality teachers will do better than similar children whose teachers are less adequate. But good teachers alone, for most children, cannot fully compensate for the disadvantages many children bring to school.

As we noted, differences in the quality of in-school experiences can explain about one-third of the differences in achievement. It is true that some studies have found that variation in teacher quality has more of an influence on test scores than do the size of classes or average district-wide per pupil spending.

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In other words, you are better off having a good teacher in a larger class than a poor teacher in a smaller class.

There are plausibly many other in-school factors, not quantified in research, that could have as much if not more of an influence on student test scores than teacher quality.

Take the quality of school leadership. Would an inspired school principal get better student achievement from a corps of average-quality teachers than a mediocre principal could get from high-quality teachers? Studies of organizations would suggest the answer is yes, but there have been no such studies of school leadership.

Take the quality of the curriculum. Would average teachers given a well-designed curriculum get better achievement from their students than would high-quality teachers with a poor curriculum? A very few research studies in this field suggest the answer might be yes as well.

Or take another in-school factor, teacher collaboration. Even when elementary school students sit in a single classroom for most of the day, several teachers influence their achievement. Teachers in lower grades can successfully align their instruction with what will be most helpful for learning in the next grade.

Teachers of the arts can reinforce the writing curriculum, and vice-versa. Will average-quality teachers who work well together as a team with the common purpose of raising student achievement get better results than higher-quality teachers working in isolation? Plausibly, the answer is yes.

Will promising to pay individual teachers more if their students get higher test scores than the students of another teacher reduce the incentives for teachers to collaborate? Again, a plausible answer is yes.

Of course, schools should try to recruit better-quality teachers and should remove those who are ineffective. After all, the quality of teachers is an important part of the one-third share of the achievement gap that can be traced to the quality of schools.

Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance

But before making teacher quality the focus of a national campaign, school systems will have to develop better ways of identifying good and bad teachers. This requires a bigger investment of qualified supervisory time than most schools are prepared to make.

Using student test scores as a shortcut will do great harm to American education. Making teacher quality the only centerpiece of a reform campaign distracts our attention from other equally and perhaps more important school areas needing improvement, areas such as leadership, curriculum, and practices of collaboration, mentioned above.

Blaming teachers is easy. These other areas are more difficult to improve.

Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance

But most important, making teacher quality the focus distracts us from the biggest threat to student achievement in the current age: Consider the implications of this catastrophe for our aspirations to close the black—white achievement gap.

Over half of all black children have a parent who has either been unemployed or underemployed during the past year. Families become more mobile because they can no longer afford to keep up with rent or mortgage payments.the student perceptions of teacher leadership style and how these perceptions affect students’ academic performance.

Four selected secondary schools in Ikeja Local. Jul 24,  · Why are these the key underlying 5 factors which affect school performance? Previous student attainment (in Victoria they use GAT scores to measure this) This is used to ensure that you are measuring the ‘value added’ to students’ performance, not just their final achievement.

Nov 12,  · Any teacher can tell you why this student can read and this one can't. Most of the time the teacher has to beg, borrow or steal to get the time and resources to correct the situation. We know intuitively that these highly effective teachers can have an enriching effect on the daily lives of children and their lifelong educational and career aspirations.

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Resources and student needs. Just as many actors affect the educational process, many variables affect the learning process within a classroom and are beyond the control.

Teacher’s Competencies and Factors Affecting the Performance of Female Teachers in Bahawalpur (Southern Punjab) Pakistan.

Poor socio-economic status of teachers affects the teacher’s performance. Teaching is a great profession and teachers have a great role in their students. student performance, and the United States spends more on education than almost every other country in the world, as can be seen in the graph below.

Finland, whose students outperform almost all other students worldwide, spends around $7,

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