The reality of animal cruelty in zoos animal experimentation and poaching

Check new design of our homepage! Animal Cruelty Statistics Animals are often used for the benefits of the humans, at the cost of their life. The problem of animal cruelty is on the rise, eventually leaving them to die.

The reality of animal cruelty in zoos animal experimentation and poaching

July 21, 6. So why does poaching still occur? Poaching is a lucrative business and many consumers continue to support the purchase of products from poached wildlife.

If you were rewarded without consequence for foul behavior, would you want to stop? Certainly, new solutions are necessary in order to prevent extinction within the next few years of many valued species. Fortunately, there are groups working to protect wildlife by not only addressing the issue directly, but also by educating public audiences on how they might be contributing to the persistence of poaching.

Founded inIAPF engages with communities and encourages research and development for new technologies in managing wildlife biodiversity. World Wildlife Fund The WWFa fundraising organization for the global conservation movement, was founded in and is committed to finding solutions to end wildlife crime.


This organizations works to influence government policies and regulations, as well as to educate and encourage people to make conscientious decisions. See here how the World Wildlife Fund puts poaching into perspective!

Their efforts have helped to protect and manage over million acres of land across the globe. Chengeta Wildlife This organization supports and funds training for groups in Africa to protect wildlife from poachers, especially endangered elephants. The team teaches skills for tactical tracking, while patrolling and documenting wildlife areas to keep wildlife safe from poachers.

WILD continues to take urgent action against poaching of white rhinos and other African mammals. The society educates and encourages people to take action through their campaigns and news updates. Sea Shepherd is unique in that its efforts are aimed at keeping marine life such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds, fish, seals, and others safe from poachers.

This non-profit was initiated in to use direct-action tactics to expose illegal behavior in international oceans and defend ocean diversity. The conservancy began as a large cattle ranch, but as wildlife populations decided to move in and get cozy at Ol Pejeta, the conservancy innovated ways to accommodate wildlife with their livestock.

Born Free emphasizes the significance of the lives of every individual being. They provide services to wildlife through rescue missions and care, conservation and education, campaigning, and programs and projects.

Community Markets for Conservation Who knew poachers could become protectors?! The skills and tactics of many African poachers are passed down from father to son to make profits to support their families.

Over people have joined the team of reformed poachers. The organizations listed are only a few of the many organizations working to end the war on wildlife. You too can contribute to anti-poaching efforts! Read ten ways you can make a difference in the lives of wildlife by clicking on this link!

Sign up for our newsletter below! Throughout history, Greyhound racing has often been touted as an innocuous opportunity to witness the immense speed and grace of these long-legged dogs.Because the chief of veterinary services at the Cleveland Zoo has even called on members of the zoo community to support the use .

Animals falling victim to violence, abuse and neglect continue to make headlines in Malaysia. We look back at six of the 's worst animal scandals. Although Malaysians would rather forget the horrifying photos and reports of cruelty against animals that have become commonplace in our social media feeds, it'd be heartless to ignore the reality of what's happening.

To make life better, animals are facing great amount of torment. For many years, animals have proved to be an easy target for circuses, poaching, hunting, testing and fashion purposes. They are used in many fields such as entertainment, research, poaching, hunting.

Ill treatment to animals have endangered species and lead to extinction. Opening the door to the animal house, passing a rhino on the way and patting the giraffe inside, Sarah Forsyth points out small white boxes that dot the walls.

"Everywhere you look there's a detector or a motion sensor," she says, chuckling in front of one that presented the security firm with a peculiarly zoo-specific problem. Nov 09,  · News about animal abuse, rights and welfare. Commentary and archival information about cruelty to animals from The New York Times. no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 . Animal cruelty comes in several forms: animal abuse, animal experimenting, and poaching. Animal cruelty is a growing social issue that many people do not understand.

The reality of animal cruelty in zoos animal experimentation and poaching

Each type of abuse has displayed certain patterns of behavior that we can use to help understand more about why people commit the crimes they do today.

Animal Cruelty Statistics