The moderating impact of social support

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The moderating impact of social support

Rochester Institute of Technology Social support is one of most important factors in predicting the physical health and well-being of everyone, ranging from childhood through older adults. The absence of social support shows some disadvantage among the impacted individuals. In most cases, it can predict the deterioration of physical and mental health among the victims.

The initial social support given is also a determining factor in successfully overcoming life stress. The presence of social support significantly predicts the individual's ability to cope with stress.

Knowing that they are valued by others is an important psychological factor in helping them to forget the negative aspects of their lives, and thinking more positively about their environment. Social support not only helps improve a person's well-being, it affects the immune system as well.

Thus, it also a major factor in preventing negative symptoms such as depression and anxiety from developing. The social support and physical health are two very important factors help the overall well-being of the individual.

A general theory that has been drawn from many researchers over the past few decades postulation that social support The moderating impact of social support predicts the outcome of physical and mental health for everyone.

First, they would look at the amount of attachment provided from a lover or spouse. Second, measuring the level of social integration that the individuals involved with, it usually comes from a group of people or friends.

Third, the assurance of worth from others such as positive reinforcement that could inspires and boosts the self-esteem. The fourth criterion is the reliable alliance support that provided from others, which means that the individual knows they can depend on receiving support from family members whenever it was needed.

Fifth, the guidance of assurances of support given to the individual from a higher figure of person such as a teacher or parent. The last criterion is the opportunity for nurturance.

It means the person would get some social enhancement by having children of their own and providing a nurturing experience. This paper organizes studies of social support into three age-appropriate categories- adolescents, middle-aged adults, and older adults.

For example, an experiment related to social support and physical health that empathizes cancer is assigned to the older adult category. If the specific area of concern can be applied to everyone, then it is placed into middle-aged adult group for generalization purpose.

After reviewing those studies and experiments, it should be clearly shown that social support is very important factor in determining the status of physical health, mental health, and immune system functioning for everyone. Adolescents Adolescents could develop some kinds of sensitive feelings, which may impact on their health if they do not get adequate social attention from others.

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They may become involved in an unfortunate situation that makes them feel overwhelmed or awkward. The adolescent is still developing, could easily experience some strain to their emotion if no help is immediately available. Anxiety and depression are two main psychological disorders that often can be seen among the adolescents.

Family and Peer Support For adolescents, family support is the most important element in their lives.

The moderating impact of social support

As part of their growth experience, adolescents usually expect a lot of things from their parents. Inadequate support from the parents will likely increase the chance of getting depression among adolescents who get into unfortunate situation with their parents. Beside family support, peer support also is very important factor for adolescents.

Children can expect a lot from their friends. Peer support can be considered as an alternate method of getting social support if the adolescents receive inadequate attention from their parents. This social support method is not as reliable as family support because young children could easily withdraw from their own friends if they become depressed.

Another problem arises in this area, when the depressed students isolate themselves from public gatherings. This would prevent those suffering adolescents from getting any social support at all Stice et al.

Receiving social support is very essential for adolescents to become successful with themselves and achieve a satisfactory level at school. Gifted Adolescents Gifted adolescents also can encounter plenty of problems if they do not get adequate social support.

The moderating impact of social support

In some cases, intelligent students are sent to residential schools that offer special programming for students who are gifted in math and science.

Oftentimes, the family support would be severely limited for those adolescents, because the residential school usually lies far away from home. This kind of schooling is a totally new experience for gifted students, because they are living in the dormitory.

Normally, students would experience the dormitory living for the first time when they go to college. At those ages, students are looking forward to seeking independence from their parents. Gifted adolescents usually have to rely on counselors and peers at the school.

mediating, and moderating effects of social support on women s well-being. First, social support was affects women s well-being via its impact on social support. We hypothesized that the impact of physical and psychological abuse on women s depression and QOL would be partially mediated or. Mediating and Moderating Effects of Social Support in the Study of Child Abuse and Adult Physical and Mental Health. ), which can impact health and lead to health declines. Measures of service utilization and disability are also important but were not considered (Leeb et al., ). All limitations duly noted, the prospective design of. The goal of this study was to investigate the relation between child abuse, social support (SSNRs), and adult physical and mental health. While analyses produced no evidence of social support moderation, findings do support a pattern of mediation consistent with the proposed model.

The counselors usually help those students to ease the transition from home to a residential living situation.This study examines the impact of across domain social support, work-family conflict (WFC) and job satisfaction, and explores the influence of family role allocations among these relationships.

The Moderating Impact of Family Role Configurations | SpringerLink.


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The ro1e of social support in moderating the impact of childhood sexual abuse on adult psychological adjustment was examined Women were drawn from three clinical samples (women in treatment for alcoholism, for being battered, or for mental health.

Attachment as a Moderating Factor Between Social Support, Physical Health, and Psychological Symptoms Show all authors. Kimberly A. Rapoza 1. Kimberly A. Rapoza This study also attempts a reorganizing of our understanding of the impact of social support on health, as social dynamics can be guided in part by attachment, and the .

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