The importance of arctic theater in american national defense strategies

National Military Strategy were all released. While there has been commentary on a possible Sino-Russian block balancing the U.

The importance of arctic theater in american national defense strategies

Maritime Shipping Part I: The Week, March 29, theweek. Why is the Arctic experiencing such military activity? Until the twentieth century, the Arctic was widely dismissed as a freezing and faraway wasteland.

These articles focus on three issue areas within the Russian Arctic policy: What has Russia actually done in the Arctic, as opposed to the rhetoric about its intentions in the region?

Consequently, analysts and policymakers tend to adopt dogmatic approaches without considering the possibility of a multidimensional Russian Arctic strategy.

Background The Arctic is an area of increasing interest among policymakers, journalists, and scholars because of its political, economic, and strategic importance for the entire globe. Perhaps the most noteworthy event that sparked international interest in Arctic affairs was the Russian polar expedition.

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In Julya team of Russian scientists led by Artur Chilingarov descended to the ocean bottom of the North Pole and planted a Russian flag on the seabed.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. All of the Arctic littoral states have formulated Arctic strategies that prioritize sovereignty and national security in their respective territories.

Russian, Canadian, American, and Norwegian armed forces, naval vessels, and military aircraft have all made appearances in the Arctic in recent years.

The Russian Arctic is also home to approximately two million people and a diverse economy consisting of sectors such as energy extraction and maritime shipping.

Latin American Navies and Antarctica

According to this realism-informed discourse, Russia acts unilaterally and militarily aggressive to achieve its national interests in the Arctic. There are surely other narratives based on IR schools of thought that have contributed to writing on the Arctic, but these two are the most dominant.

It is important to assess both discourses to understand the range of different concepts in the Arctic debates. Keir Giles and Mark A. Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. During the Cold War, the Arctic was a high priority zone for militarization.

After the s, the Soviet Union ramped up its nuclear submarine patrols in the Arctic because the ice sheet provided cover and prevented their detection.

After the Soviet Union and the United States developed capabilities to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles across the Arctic Ocean, the Far North became a new front of the Cold War as it became dotted with early warning radars.

The importance of arctic theater in american national defense strategies

This rhetoric is echoed by Artur Chilingarov, the Russian polar researcher who led the Arctic expedition. Although they may sometimes disagree on the primary catalyst of this assertiveness, realist-informed writers argue that Russia uses the Arctic to demonstrate its military capabilities and restore its economic might.The importance of Antarctica in Latin American security and defense strategies, as well as more comprehensive foreign policy concepts, cannot be overemphasized.

This is a prime example of Latin American navies and scientific centers coming together to build upon each other’s successes in Antarctica. The importance of Arctic and.

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Bringing Russia into Arctic security talks is a pragmatic step that recognizes Russia’s prominent position in the region, and the importance of implementing confidence building measures among. Structure of the Strategy Through this National Strategy for the Arctic Region, we seek to guide, prioritize, and synchronize efforts to protect U.S.

national and homeland security interests, promote responsible stewardship, and foster international cooperation. This strategy articulates three priority lines of effort. However, as we enter , the stage for defense is now set. The president has signed the National Security Strategy and delivered the State of the Union Address.

The secretary of defense has released the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and Nuclear Posture .

The importance of arctic theater in american national defense strategies

Russia’s National Security Strategy (NSS) up to from May is another important document to consider when analyzing the state’s military policy in the Arctic.

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