Tears of a tiger questions

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Tears of a tiger questions

The novel begins with a brief newspaper article about a fiery automobile accident in which one Hazelwood High student, Robert Washington, was killed. The article also notes that Andrew Andy Jackson was injured in the wreck and that he had been drinking and driving.

The next chapter consists of a flashback locker-room conversation between Andy Jackson and Robbie Washington from the night of the accident. The boys are excited about the basketball game that they just completed and discuss their plans for after the game.

Andy struggles through his statement to police and explains that he and the other boys had been drinking, causing Andy to lose control of his car and crash it. Andy cannot get the image of his dying friend out of his head, and B.

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When Andy returns to school, he talks to his basketball coach and expresses that he is having an extremely difficult time getting past the accident. Coach Ripley tries to encourage Andy by telling him that he, the police, and the judge believe that Andy will correct his behavior and that he had already paid the consequences for his actions.

Tears of a tiger questions

Andy tries to accept that, but the only part of his life that seems to go well during this time is basketball. About a month after the accident, Andy begins seeing a psychologist named Dr. At first, Andy is reluctant to talk openly with Dr. Carrothers, but his curiosity in meeting an African-American psychologist motivates him to ask questions and to form a tentative bond with the counselor.

During his first session, Andy tells Dr.

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Tears of a tiger questions

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