Research papers urban geography

They are required to present their papers to the GVSU community in a public forum. Authors of exceptional papers are invited to present their papers at scholarly conferences beyond Grand Valley. Below are the authors and titles for the last few years. Location and national park visitation in the contiguous United States, to

Research papers urban geography

Research papers urban geography

Departmental teaching and research interests cover a wide range of urban themes, from local to transnational, historical to contemporary, empirical to theoretical. In some urban research, the city is understood as the setting in which broad social, cultural, political, and economic processes unfold, mediated and shaped by local context.

In other work, analysis focuses on urbanization itself as constitutive of social, political, and environmental transformation. One stream of urban inquiry highlights the rescaling of cities and urban life, with the simultaneous strengthening of global, transnational ties along side the intensification of fine-grained local variations and influences.

Recent projects in this area focus on immigration and the transnationalization of local housing markets in Vancouver and other Canadian cities, the circulation of policy templates and ideologies among urban elites working to strengthen the rights of property owners and investors, the urban origins and consequences of the U.

A second stream of inquiry explores the city as a distinctive, localized crucible of innovation, diversity, and connection. Current research projects in this area include studies of land use and labor market developments in the new social-digital economy, the role of household adjustment and municipal policy in coping with the shortage of affordable housing in Vancouver, the growth of shadow, temporary-labour agencies in the inner city as an outgrowth of privatisation and reductions in the rights of workers, and the mobilization of community resistance to the inequalities of gentrification and racial discrimination in housing.

A third stream of inquiry approaches the city as medium, object, and arena of representation. Methods include extended field case studies, ethnographies, interviews, archival-based legal and policy analysis, and the quantitative and spatial analysis of social survey data.

There are also strong interdisciplinary linkages. I am especially concerned with the work of geographers during periods of war both hot and cold.

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A jointly edited volume with Eric Sheppard on Spatial histories of North American radical geography is in preparation and will be published in An 'alternative' economic geography textbook, Economic Geography: My recent work has addressed the ways in which Cold War military spending differentially affected forms of industrial transformation and economic growth in South Korea and Thailand.

Dan Hiebert Professor I have two main research interests: I have been working on the first of these issues a long time and try to understand Canadian immigration policy within the wider global context, and the impact of immigration on Canadian cities—particularly Vancouver.

I have taken up the second these more recently and hope to gain a better understanding of the impact of national security policies on minority populations. Hun Kim Assistant Professor My research examines transnational circuits of finance and expertise that are reshaping both the physical and governmental makeup of cities in the global South with a specific focus on Southeast Asia.

My current project investigates urban transformation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as it is being remade by East and Southeast Asian financiers and builders, global policy organizations and the late-Socialist, one-party state. David Ley Professor Emeritus I have two current projects in urban social geography.

The first is a comparative study of housing market bubbles, their causes, social consequences, and policy responses in five global cities.

Research papers urban geography

A second project involves participation in the national Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership that is examining growing income inequality and polarization in large Canadian cities.

I am expanding my empirical work to include the urban context of Dubai and also Vancouver. Professor Canada Research Chair in Urban and Regional Political Economy I work, in the style of institutional political economy, on a range of issues relating to economic geography, urban restructuring, and state transformation.

Much of my research is concerned with the ways in which ostensibly global processesfor example, forms of market-oriented governance a. Elvin Wyly Professor I study the interplay between market processes and public policy in the production of urban social inequality. Current research projects focus on the racialized dynamics of capital investment and disinvestment in U.

Graeme Wynn Professor Emeritus I am a student of environmental history and historical geography, with research interests in Canada and to a lesser extent New Zealand. Forestry, agriculture and sustainability have been my main interests but I have also written on cities, migration, parks and geographical practice.Urban Geography, Urban Landscape, Urban Geography and Geomorphology, Archival Documents Editorial Henri Lefebvre, Planning's Friend or Implacable Critic This is the first issue of an academic journal, of which I am aware, to focus on Henri Lefebvre and urban planning.

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Contemporary urban issues in Regina including: affordable housing, proposed stadium, warehouse district, film industry, gentrification. Dr. Vanessa Mathews Look for long-term trends in the dates of native prairie green-up and senescence and their relationships with climate change.

Urban networks in the modern economy have become a focus of research in geography and other related disciplines. However, the network of the motion picture industry has . ^Urban Geography: Publishes original papers on problem-oriented current research by geographers and other social scientists on urban policy; race, poverty, and ethnicity in the city; international differences in urban form and function; historical preservation; the urban housing market; and provision of services and urban economic activity.

Urban Geography | Citations: | Semi-quarterly publication of original papers on problem-oriented current research by geographers and other social scientists on urban policy; race, poverty, and.

Students' Senior Thesis research topics Students in the department are required to conduct original research using geographic research techniques and geographic theory. They are required to present their papers to the GVSU community in a public forum.

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