Religion and disability essays in scripture theology and ethics

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Religion and disability essays in scripture theology and ethics

Jessica Kingsley Publishers Format Available: As society becomes progressively dominated by an ideology of healthy living, Matt Edmonds makes a vital critique of contemporary efforts to remove 'disability' from the world around us.

Surveying the logic and language of both secular and religious health movements, Edmonds highlights the misplaced generalisations and dubious values that cumulatively serve to undermine individual inclusion and well-being on a day-to-day basis.

From the resources of Christian theology it finds a paradigm with which to examine the infections of genetic theory, faith healing and the meaning of 'disability' so as to prescribe a way forward for both believer and non-believer alike. Combining history, theology and thoughtful analysis, this is a prescription that none of us can afford to ignore.

Quite simply, there is little time left. Ellen Painter Dollar Language: Presbyterian Publishing Corp Format Available: In No Easy Choice, Ellen Painter Dollar tells her gut-wrenching story of living with osteogenesis imperfecta OI —a disabling genetic bone disorder that was passed down to her first child—and deciding whether to conceive a second child who would not have OI using assisted reproduction.

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Her story brings to light the ethical dilemmas surrounding advanced reproductive technologies. What do procedures such as in vitro fertilization IVF and preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD say about how we define human worth?

If we avoid such procedures, are we permitting the suffering of our children? How do we identify a "good life" in a consumer society that values appearance, success, health, and perfection?

Dollar considers multiple sides of the debate, refusing to accept the matter as simply black and white. Her book will help parents who want to understand and make good decisions about assisted reproduction, as well as those who support and counsel them, including pastors and medical professionals.

Deborah Beth Creamer Language: Oxford University Press Format Available: Attention to embodiment and the religious significance of bodies is one of the most significant shifts in contemporary theology. In the midst of this, however, experiences of disability have received little attention.

Religion and disability essays in scripture theology and ethics

This book explores possibilities for theological engagement with disability, focusing on three primary alternatives: The overarching perspective of this book is that limits are an unavoidable aspect of being human, a fact we often seem to forget or deny.

Yet not only do all humans experience limits, most of us also experience limits that take the form of disability at some point in our lives; in this way, disability is more "normal" than non-disability.

If we take such experiences seriously and refuse to reduce them to mere instances of suffering, we discover insights that are lost when we take a perfect or generic body as our starting point for theological reflections.

While possible applications of this insight are vast, this work focuses on two areas of particular interest: This project challenges theology to consider the undeniable diversity of human embodiment. It also enriches previous disability work by providing an alternative to the dominant medical and minority models, both of which fail to acknowledge the full diversity of disability experiences.

Most notably, this project offers new images and possibilities for theological construction that attend appropriately and creatively to diversity in human embodiment.


Wipf and Stock Publishers Format Available: Recognizing the Profoundly Impaired as Persons is a bold Catholic argument in defense of the profoundly impaired.

While a range of theological voices can now be heard speaking up on behalf of those who live their lives at the extremes of the human condition, few voices have been explicitly Catholic.Religious Ethics Justin Hawkins is pursuing a combined PhD between the department of Religious Studies and the department of Political Science.

His research interests focus primarily on Christian social ethics, political theology, and the Political Theory of the Bible, with secondary research interests in systematic and philosophical theology, disability ethics, and ethical considerations in emerging . Religion and Disability: Essays in Scripture, Theology, and Ethics.

by Marilyn E. Bishop, Marilyn E. Bishop (Editor) Religion and Disability presents three keynote addresses from the national symposium, "Ministry Perspectives on Disability." Religion and Ethics in a . Religion and Disability: Essays in Scripture, Theology, and Ethics by Marilyn E.

Bishop Religion and Disability presents three keynote addresses from the national symposium, "Ministry Perspectives on Disability.".

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This collection of timely and stimulating essays has immense importance for any consideration of the theology and ethics of Paul and his early interpreters, and should share the shelf with other great Festschriften of the last half-century dedicated to the likes of Bultmann, K äsemann, and C.

H. Dodd. Theology is the critical reflection on the beliefs and practices of faith communities.

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It requires ethical analysis, historical awareness, and contextual understanding. Courses cover systematic theology, Christian ethics, philosophy, and the history of doctrine. Katie Geneva Cannon, one of the founders of womanist theology and ethics, died on August 8 at age She had acute leukemia.

In , she became the first African American woman ordained in a predecessor denomination of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

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