Redwall veil outcast essay

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Redwall veil outcast essay

One-Man Army Parental Abandonment: Veil may be given top billing and is the title character in The Outcast of Redwall, but Sunflash is clearly the main character. After being named Sunflash in Mossflower, he was named Sunstripe in all the other books he was mentioned in before Outcast.

Outcast cleaned this up and established that he changed his name from Sunflash to Sunstripe after defeating Swartt and becoming a Martial Pacifist because Sunstripe was a gentler, less warrior-like name. It takes a bit for Skarlath to talk him out of it.

Warrior Poet Skarlath A kestrel who was captured by Swartt Sixclaw during a bitterly cold winter, Skarlath was freed by Sunflash before Swartt could eat him. Somehow gets along with mice, moles and other creatures that a bird of prey might consider eating. The narration states that "Skarlath was wise for a young kestrel.

Though a big, fairly tough Redwall veil outcast essay of prey, he is killed rather underhandedly by Nightshade. Sunflash earns this from him the moment he helps him escape from Swartt.

Swartt Sixclaw A vicious, psychopathic ferret with a sixclawed paw, Swartt Sixclaw was left maimed and furious when Sunflash the Mace escaped him. Swearing vengeance, Swartt tracks Sunflash across the length and breadth of the country, leaving a trail of poison and death in his wake, as his army and infamy swell.

Growing from the young leader of a robber band into the greatest warlord in the country, Swartt never loses sight of his one goal in life—recapturing Sunflash, and putting him to death as slowly and painfully as possible. Of Sunflash the Mace, who maimed his sixclawed paw during his escape.

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Swartt, on the other hand, could not care less about his son, regarding him as little more than trash. Custom dictates that he marry the daughter of Bowfleg, the Warlord he slew to take command of the horde from.

Always swirls his cloak about his body. Of Outcast The Chessmaster: Swartt is a master planner and knows how to put all of his soldiers to good use. Wears a necklace of the teeth and claws of slain foes. One of the rare obvious examples of this in Redwall, getting near as much screentime as Sunflash.

Gets tossed off a mountain after Sunflash smashes his head in. Has one dead paw. Six digits on his left forepaw. From Nobody to Nightmare: We follow Swartt on his journey from the leader of a small band of thieves and murderers, to Warlord of the entire country, witnessing all of the wreckage he leaves in his wake.

Swartt may only have one hand, but is still a brutally effective fighter despite it. Swartt will sacrifice everyone if it means killing Sunflash. Swartt is a master of exploiting emotional weaknesses and turning situations to his advantage. To wit, there are more savvy characters in Outcast than any other Redwall book.

Swartt outsmarts them all. Typically offers his victims the chance to drink from a silver chalice, the inside of which is smeared with poison. Kills his son Veil with a javelin Parental Abandonment: Hands his son Veil off to an old rat to raise after his wife, Bluefen, dies, then abandons him during a battle without a second thought.

Redwall veil outcast essay

Fits out his dead paw with a heavy, spike-studded gauntlet that he uses as a club. It is maimed by Sunflash early in the story.

Seeks to slay Sunflash for wrecking his paw. Swartt drives his army into the ground trying to kill Sunflash.

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Despite his posturing, Swartt ultimately lacks competence as a warlord, leading his horde from one misfortune to another, or martial prowess, being physically intimidated by no less than three tougher vermin warriors over the course of the book.

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Like all of the Redwall books, Outcast is filled with (mostly) vegan deliciousness, rich, descriptive, and vocabulary-boosting prose, and Jacques' prototypical woodland creatures versus vermin narrative.

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