Hirra ahmad

Tell me something about Islam that might dispense with the necessity of my asking anyone other than you. There is no specific incident related to this hadith, but the way it is narrated, in the form of a direct question and answer, reveals to us the Companions' keen interest to know more about their religion from their Prophet peace be upon him. The Companions hated to annoy the Prophet peace be upon him with their numerous questions out of politenessand they did not like to bother him.

Hirra ahmad

Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi Translated by: Ihteshaamul Hasan Kandhalvi Sahib, brother-in-law of Muhammad Ilyaas Sahib and his special assistant and associate from childhood to old age, writing in the concluding part of his book, Zindagee Kee Siraate Mustaqeem the straight path of life under the heading "An essential warning", says: It is beyond me how the work, despite being done during the life-time of Hazrat Moulana Ilyaas with utmost adherence to principles, had only the status of a good innovation Bid'at-e-Hasnahcould now be declared to be the most important work on earth after serious irregularities have been introduced into it.

After inclusion in it. It cannot even be called a good innovation. My purpose in saying so is to acquit myself of my responsibility.

But this pamphlet has made it plain that the reason for your non-participation is that in your eyes it is not a work connected with preaching of the faith, but a work which causes deviation in the faith. Also, see this sentence by Sheikh Muhammad Zakariya Sahib occurring on page 11 of this very book.

SO, I need not give any fatwa or make any comment on them. Providence has itself declared them to be in the wrong through their own pens.

Now the decision rests on the Deobandi-Wahaabi-Tableeghi people themselves. They are in a quandary: But instead of replying to us they begin to use foul language. They have nothing else to do than to declare true Musalmaans as polytheists and innovators. But look at the miracle of Providence that they themselves do the same things for which they declare us to be polytheists and innovators.

That is to say that they do the same things which they say are unlawful and prohibited and thus become guilty on two counts: What is it if not the Divine wrath encompassing them in the world?

An apprehension lingering in the minds of people has to be dispelled. Readers should now very attentively look into another of Ilyaas Sahib's statements made in his booklet Da'wat, also quoted on page of his book Deeni Da'wat by Janab Abdul Hasan 'Alec Nadvi.

Aligthat 'nobody understands my real motive. Their real aim is the creation of a nation separate and distinct from Musalmaans.

Hirra ahmad

Ilyaas Sahib had said nobody understood his mission, i. If they call themselves to be in the right then their own Muhammad llyaas Sahib becomes a liar. Let me tell them that a reply has already been given with reference to Thanvi Sahib's writing which declared that even if a person holding wrong beliefs were to talk of Deen such a talk would still not be free of deviations.

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Although Thanvi Sahib's reply is sufficiently clear, yet what I am going to do now is to state it in a simpler language. Supposing someone, seemingly very punctual in offering Namaaz prayers and Rozah fasting and looking to be, by his face and his appearance, a good man, invites you to a feast.

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