Higher education white paper

It is a long and fairly dense document, with a lot to digest.

Higher education white paper

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Published 28 June From: These reforms will ensure that universities are held accountable for an improved student experience. The HE White Paper published today will: Ensure better information for students before they apply, better teaching while at university, greater transparency in areas such as feedback on their work and better preparation for the job market Ask Professor Sir Tim Wilson to undertake a review into how university-industry collaboration can excel.

This White Paper is an important document in the development of our higher education and training system. It is a definitive statement of the government's vision for the post-school system, outlining our main priorities and our strategies for achieving them. The white paper extends this process, encouraging the entry of new and alternative higher education providers, and accepting that this could be at the expense of established institutions. Higher education CIOs recognize that key organizational priorities are enrollment and student success, but fail to show innovation with regard to the top tech to differentiate and win. White Papers Higher Ed.

The review will look at how the decline in sandwich courses can be reversed. Make universities more accountable to students on teaching quality, who can trigger quality reviews where there are grounds for concern.

Review the extent to which Student Charters are adopted and whether they should be made mandatory in the future.

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Ensure that the Office for Fair Access is properly resourced so that it can go further and faster to drive fair access for students from lower income families and widen participation. Enable a wider range of providers to join the sector to offer more choice for students.

Promise less regulation and bureaucracy for universities. The White Paper comes as part of the wider government agenda to put more power in the hands of the consumer. The Government has launched a major programme for public sector modernisation by cutting waste and bringing choice, encouraging competition and opening the market up to new providers.

For higher education, this means that in future funding will follow the choices of the student.

Higher education white paper

Higher Education is a successful public-private partnership; combining Government funding with institutional autonomy. We want to see more investment, greater diversity, including innovative forms of delivery from further education colleges and others, and less centralised control over student numbers.

But, in return, we want to the sector to be more accountable to students, as well as to the taxpayer. Our overall goal is a sector that is freed to respond in new ways to the needs of students.

This may mean more higher education going on in a wider range of different settings, such as Further Education colleges and other alternative providers offering innovative types of course. But universities will be under competitive pressure to provide better quality and at lower cost.The higher education landscape has changed fundamentally since the last major legislative reforms of , leaving us with a university system that needs important reform to fulfil its potential and to sustain our global standing.

The white paper extends this process, encouraging the entry of new and alternative higher education providers, and accepting that this could be at the expense of established institutions. Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Higher education white paper

How a Smart Help Desk Solution Can Improve Campus IT Support. on Campuses of Higher Education This white paper was prepared by the Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Unit of the FBI. This paper is unclassified in its entirety.

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White Paper: Equity and Legal Risk in Tenure Reviews Legal cases brought against institutions of higher education over the denial of tenure indicate these institutions' faculty review practices are typically flawed in one of four ways: clarity, consistency, communication, and the organization of documentation.

This white paper sets out a range of reforms to the higher education and research system. In some cases these plans are subject to Parliament. This white paper builds on the proposals consulted on.

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