Essay and postcard contest

More than 1 million Irish immigrated to America in the years during and immediately following the Great Potato Famine, many settling in this state as it had become known for its generous outpouring of support.

Essay and postcard contest

Definition essay about true friendship View DNA Day Essay Contest Entries in a full screen map If you have enjoyed my essays, you may want to readwhich brings together all of my important ideas about The astronomy that will unfold in the sky over the Maya on the winter solstice of is the key to understanding why the Maya restart their calendar on that exact day.

Almost all calendars are based on astronomy and it appears that this is also true for the Maya calendar, although in a rather spectacular way! Quickly learn why this astronomy was seen by the Maya as the sacred triple rebirth of the sun.


But what does the Maya's rebirth metaphor really mean? Does this metaphor point to a very deep spiritual rebirth that arose from the psychedelic rituals of the Maya?

Essay and postcard contest

On the Maya sacred ceremonial grounds of Izapa, Mexico - the birthplace of the Maya calendar - we find altars carved in the shape of the Bufo toad.

The poison glands of these toads excrete a psychedelic chemical that was used by the Maya shamans and there is a stone carving of a shaman together with this toad. Did the psychedelic rituals of the Maya shamans reveal to them a mystical view of reality? Did they awaken to their true fundamental identity and is this the profound spiritual rebirth that they hold forth as so important?

And is this available to you now without drugs? Learn more about mysticism in general and the Maya's mystical message of rebirth in this easy to read booklet! For me personally, the more I dug into the subject ofthe more mind-blowing it all became! Perhaps you will have a similar experience!

In one essay, I ask how the Maya acquired this astronomical knowledge and in another essay, I present my own views of what all this might mean for us. Will we shift from competition to cooperation? And will you experience your own personal triple rebirth?

If you are inspired, please check these essays out soon! The rest of the material simply provides all the fine details. The gist of this essay is included in several of my other essays.Home sha Win $10, in Atlas Shrugged International Essay Contest Win $10, in Atlas Shrugged International Essay Contest July 20, self-addressed postcard to your essay and we will return it to you.

To learn more about the essay contest . Essay, Poster and Video Contest Winners. Poster Division Winners. A special Mahalo to the following organizations for their kokua: Hawaii News Now, Honolulu Star-Advertiser/Midweek, Honolulu Museum of Art School, aio LLC, Pacific Basin Communications and Watermark Publishing, and Kahala Mall Keep Hawaii Beaches Postcard Worthy.

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That collision is Postcard Poems and Prose. We want you to find prose, poems, and art all in a 4×6 postcard format. We want you to be able to stand and look at that revolving wire rack that’s in every tourist trap on earth. The FHM Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest was established as a civic exercise, challenging students to excellence outside the scope of their regular school work.

K-8 educators are also welcome to introduce the essay and drawing question or topic to their students as .

For grade 12 and college/university students

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Essay and postcard contest
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