Effects of transport and communication on indian social life

Evolving information, production, institutional, and transportation structures jointly affect transportation long-term.

Effects of transport and communication on indian social life

This article provides information about the meaning, types, characteristics and other information about social processes! Social processes are the ways in which individuals and groups interact, adjust and readjust and establish relationships and pattern of behaviour which are again modified through social interactions.

The concept of social process refers to some of the general and recurrent forms that social interaction may take. The interaction or mutual activity is the essence of social life.

Effects of transport and communication on indian social life

Interaction between individuals and groups occurs in the form of social process. Social processes refers to forms of social interaction that occur again and again. Let us discuss social interaction in order to have an understanding of social process.

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Meaning of Social Interaction: Man is a social animal. It is difficult for him to live in isolation. They always live in groups. As members of these groups they act in a certain manner.

Their behaviour is mutually affected. This interaction or mutual activity is the essence of social life. Social life is not possible without interactions. Social interactions are reciprocal relationships which not only influence the interacting individuals but also the quality of relationships.

The mere placing of individuals in physical proximity, although it usually results in at least a medium of interaction, does not weld them into a social unit or group.

When the interacting individuals or groups influence the behaviour of each other it is called social interaction. People in action with one another means interaction of some kind. But not every kind of action is social. When people and their attitudes are involved the process become social.

Effects of transport and communication on indian social life

Social interaction may then be defined as that dynamic interplay of forces in which contact between persons and groups result in a modifications of the attitudes and behaviour of the participants.

The two basic condition of social interaction are i social contact and ii communication. Social contacts are always established through the medium of someone causes sense organ.

An object can be perceived by the sense organ only when that object causes communication with that sense organ.Their impact on the cultural and social life of India was, however, gradual. Till , they followed a policy of non-interference in the social and cultural life of the Indians. Yet, changes were taking place in these fields (the social life of Indians).

Before the British rule, Indian transport and communication system was backward in comparison to the Western countries. There were no roads and no railway to connect distance places. No telegraph system ever existed. The self-sufficient village economy was enough to meet the day to day needs of the people.

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