An analysis of the character homer mayauley mrs macauley and ulysses macauley

Macauley Tom Hanks as Mr. Alex Neustaedter was 17 years old when he played Homer Macauley, a 14 year old boy. Anyways, I was excited to see Meg Ryan acting in a new movie. When I discovered Ithaca was written based on a book, I decided to write my first book vs.

An analysis of the character homer mayauley mrs macauley and ulysses macauley

February, Publisher Blurb: The time is World War II. Gentle, poignant and richly autobiographical, this delightful novel shows us the boy becoming the man in a world that even in the midst of war, appears sweeter, safer and more livable than out own.

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It is more like a series events in the Macauley family, a slice of life in a small town in America during World War II. The family lost the father three years ago, the oldest son is a soldier the war, and then there is Homer, his sister Bess, and his little brother Ulysses, who is quite the observer of life.

There are 39 chapters, each with its own special story and each memorable on its own merits. Most of them involve Homer and his trials and tribulations at school, at home, and in his job. Some of the lighter ones involve his little brother, and some involve his life at school.

His job brings him into contact with the elderly Mr. Spangler, who spends his days off in the company of his bride to be Diana Steed. Both are uncommonly good men and serve as his mentors, along with his family members and one of his teachers, in terms of teaching him the importance of hard work and integrity.

I really liked Mr. Spangler and Miss Hicks, but my favorite character is the main character, Homer. Homer answered with an impromptu speech about the human nose. It was very clever and very funny.

He also touched my heart when he was telling Mr. Grogan that he wanted to grow up and do something decent. Then there was Ulysses. He provided many light-hearted moments in this story, one involving a most unique animal trap. Other characters also invoked strong feelings: Miss Hicks and Mr.

Spangler, because they were such compassionate, caring, no-nonsense people, and Coach Byfield, because his actions were so despicable.

Then there was the letter from Marcus to Homer. It packed a punch on so many different levels.

An analysis of the character homer mayauley mrs macauley and ulysses macauley

In addition to the characters and events in the book, I appreciated his use of language and the depth of the themes in his book. This book definitely deserves the praise that is one of the most important novels of the the Twentieth Century. Additional Book Club Discussion: We talked about the Armenian background of the author and details of his life that are reflected in the book.

Maybe nobody ever will.

An analysis of the character homer mayauley mrs macauley and ulysses macauley

If anybody should, though, I should. How can any man ever really get it all straight so that it makes sense?

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But try to remember that a good man can never die.The film is the story of a teenaged Homer Macauley (Mickey Rooney) in high school, working part-time as a telegram delivery boy, in the fictional town of Ithaca, California, during World War effects of the war on the "Home Front" over a year in Homer's life are depicted in sentimental scenarios involving himself, his family, friends, and neighbors, and acquaintances encountered.

Character Analysis of Telemachus and The Odyssey by Homer Essay. Words 3 Pages. Character Analysis of Odyssues in HomerĀ“s Odyssey Essay examples Words | 3 Pages "I am Laertes' son Odysseus, men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war: this fame has gone abroad to the sky's rim." () Odysseus is an epic hero in The Odyssey.

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Homer has obtained a job in the telegraph office, and grows up quickly when he must deliver death notices from the War Department. Homer is also frustrated that the girl he likes is attracted to a rich kid. Mrs. Macauley (Fay Bainter) guides her boys and plays the harp in the evening, while Homer's sister Bess (Donna Reed, gorgeous) plays piano.

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In the book's classic illustrations by Don Freeman, Mrs. Macauley is older-looking and certainly not an attractive but obvious plastic-surgery veteran like Meg Ryan.

Grogan is older-looking too. The character brought most successfully to the screen is Ulysses, although he shouldn't be losing his baby teeth if, as the dialog says, he's four. More about Character Analysis of Mrs. Mallard in The Story of an Hour Essay Mrs Mallard from 'Story of an Hour' and the Wife from 'Cat in the Rain: A Comparative Character Analysis Words | 3 Pages.

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