A variety of roofing essay

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A variety of roofing essay

Korean traditional straw thatched house. The straw is bundled into "yelms" before it is taken up to the roof and then is attached using staples, known as "spars", made from twisted hazel sticks.

Over roofs in Southern England have base coats of thatch that were applied over years ago, providing direct evidence of the types of materials that were used for thatching in the medieval period.

Medieval wheat grew to almost 6 feet 1. Technological change in the farming industry significantly affected the popularity of thatching. The availability of good quality thatching straw declined in England after the introduction of the combine harvester in the late s and s, and the release of short-stemmed wheat varieties.

Increasing use of nitrogen fertiliser in the s—70s also weakened straw and reduced its longevity. All evidence indicates that water reed was rarely used for thatching outside of East Anglia.

Weathered reed is usually stripped and replaced by a new layer. It takes 4—5 acres of well-managed reed bed to produce enough reed to thatch an average house, and large reed beds have been uncommon in most of England since the Anglo-Saxon period. Though water reed might last for 50 years or more on a steep roof in a dry climate, modern imported water reed on an average roof in England does not last any longer than good quality wheat straw.

The lifespan of a thatched roof also A variety of roofing essay on the skill of the thatcher, but other factors must be considered—such as climatequality of materials, and the roof pitch.

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In areas where palms are abundant, palm leaves are used to thatch walls and roofs. Many species of palm trees are called " thatch palm ", or have "thatch" as part of their common names. In the southeastern United StatesNative and pioneer houses were often constructed of palmetto -leaf thatch.

With the continuous movement of development reaching far into these area, newer ways of doing things have been discovered, faster, reliable, more durable ways.

This progression has no doubt brought about a decline to the practice of traditional crafts such as thatching.

Bassey Ekpenyong, an indegene of Ito community in Cross-River state, Nigeria, calls me his friend in that manner that, as a stranger serving in his community under the National Youth Service Corp, makes me feel safe.

He invites me to his shop at evening hours, and as he offers me roasted nuts, he makes a new promise to take me on his bike to the beach when the rains have stopped and the roads are accessible again. It is on my return to Ito after a couple of weeks away that I first see him sitted in the shade outside of his shop, palm leaves littered all over.

A variety of roofing essay

He sees the excitement register on my face a top the moving bike and signals that I return, as if to say "I have been waiting for you". And truly, he has. He is making a new roof for his shop, he tells me.

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He wants me to make pictures. There are palm leaves all over, some tied up in a bunch, some lying underneath the sun, others thatched already and staked up in a pile.

On his hands are two long,thinly carved sticks that would function as the skeletal frame for a pair of thatch. He begins a new pair and laughs as he talk; a satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that he is creating for me yet another experience to take home when service is over.

He makes a joke of it. He folds a leaf in half neatly across both sticks. He does same for another leaf, lapping it with the previous, and then, with another thiny stick which he breaks afterwards, pins the leaves in place, firm.

The process continues until the length of the sticks are fully covered in green palm leaves. He completes a pair of thatch in what takes minutes and begins another.

Bassey is a converser. He talks about the need for this change, a practice he does every five years as this is the durability period for the thatch.

A variety of roofing essay

He points to other houses around, including the ones made of clay but with metal roofing sheets and calls them "Ikanga" zinc dey up. On other days, Mr Bassey is joined by his friends.

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They sit for long hours underneath the tree on their return from their various farms.Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge (Cladium mariscus), rushes, heather, or palm fronds, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner kaja-net.com the bulk of the vegetation stays dry and is densely packed—trapping air—thatching also functions as insulation.

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